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Switzerland, French, Netherland, Canada are some of best places known among the people who want to spend their holidays with family or friends. But, have you ever visited Cape Town? Well, it is a city located in South Africa, the best city with the sun that you will find in the end of year holiday season. Yes! This is an interesting place for everyone who loves sunshine and the sun bathing. Most of seasoned travel love this city and say that this is one of the best and beautiful cities in the world that you will love.

You will not be disappointed once deciding to enjoy this city because it has lots of amazing gifts of nature. Cape Town offers many attractive views from the Table Mountain which has the high flat top up to the amazing skyscrapers located in the business district. Besides, this beautiful city also gives you a chance to enjoy magnificent landscapes, spectacular beaches and a gift of unique vegetation. Cape Town is also known as the safest city for the tourists or visitors. Do you want to refresh your mind and take a time to relax? This is the appropriate place to go.

Is there anything else you can do with Cape Town? Yes, there is! Do you like to collect antique furniture? This is one of the best places where you can hunt lots of vintage furniture. Although this furniture is also known as secondhand furniture, it does not mean that you do not have to be careful when buying. There are some things you have to know further if you do not want to be fooled. Knowing the specific types is an important thing. An item is known as vintage where it had been popular for years in a long time ago, return to old but people still want to have or collect it. A vintage item is usually at least thirty years old but no older than sixty years old. That antique furniture you will see can be a simple dining chair to an entire suite. You can choose one of them depends on your taste and personal décor. The types from the nineteen seventies are the best option to furnish your rooms.

Vintage furniture can be bought from physical and online stores too. There are some stores selling brand new antique furniture which certain factories make it as if the furniture is really old and bought from an antique shop. Do not expect for the cheap price because that furniture is sold at the high price and known as the most expensive ones. Antique furniture can be found also at second hand shops. Therefore, you have to be smart in choosing the best ones and do not doubt to take your time to search for awhile information about the antique furniture at the internet access.

Nowadays, the internet has been a gate for all information you want to have and collect. The information about vintage furniture can be searched here where you are able to make a list and classify them for which you want to furnish. Find the antique furniture in the internet which will be very suitable and fit perfectly with your style and home décor.

In Cape Town, South Africa, vintage furniture can be purchased at Vamp Furniture which is located at 368 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town (+27 0 21 448 2755). The store itself is open from Monday to Friday at 09.30am until 04.30pm and on Saturday at 08.30pm – 03.00pm. Vamp Furniture allows you to make a deal for items you like to purchase. Antique furniture sold here are best for retro furniture, vintage kitchen and other points that you like to make them look new and natural.

There are lots of vintage furniture you can find here and in this article, we want to mention some of them as information for you. Vamp mirrors are made from Sapele wood and have been manufactured into some standard sizes and some of them are vamp large oval mirror that has 120cm x 45cm and priced at R 1500; vamp medium shaped mirror which has 55cm x 55cm and priced at R 975; and vamp medium oval mirror which has 45cm x 67cm and priced at R 975. Other vintage things are vintage cookie cutter set of three sold at R40 for the set, large vintage glass jar with original green lid sold at R 175 and small children’s cuckoo clock in working order sold at R 210.